About Us

The big food companies continue to dial up the perceived goodness of their products but all they’re doing is health washing the market with dodgy claims. Creating genuinely healthy and tasty products takes time and money, and shareholders don’t like that. We don't have shareholders, just a passionate team of health experts and nutritionists, curating the best natural health food products so you know you can trust them.


Libby Babet, Co-Founder
Libby is a fountain of knowledge for all things health, fitness and wellness. She was the trainer for Channel TEN’s The Biggest Loser and is regularly featured in magazines and newspapers across Australia. With a background as a health journalist, and as a new mum to daughter Izzy, she's incredibly passionate about finding natural ways to look after your body, inside and out, so you can live life to the fullest!


Veronika Larisova, Co-Founder
Veronika is a Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist, Fitgenes practitioner and Educator who has worked with wide range of clientele ranging from Olympic athletes to weekend warriors. She is also a published author with the Australian Journal of Strength and Conditioning and writer for various magazines and blogs. As an ultra-marathon runner her dream is to run races around the world!


Brock Hatton, Co-Founder and Managing Director
Brock is passionate about nutrition, health and wellness. Having worked in the industry for over 10 years he has deep understanding of which companies take their consumers' health seriously, and which are focused purely on their bottom line.