Our Top Healthy & Delicious Halloween Treats

Our Top Healthy & Delicious Halloween Treats

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays, but as with all holidays, and maybe especially this one, it comes with loads of indulging and tempting traditions... Yes we're talking about sugary Halloween treats! So, for all the other unashamed health freaks like us, here's four healthy & delicious Halloween treats that will leave everyone satisfied, whether that's you, your kids or the trick and treaters knocking on your door.

Chief Hazelnut Brownie Collagen Bar

Collagen is awesome. It's the main protein our body recruits to tighten and righten, seal and heal. Chief Bar's hydrolysed collagen decreases joint pain after exercise, increases the density of cartilage to make joints more flexible, improves skin elasticity, decreases skin cracking, helps smooth out wrinkles, increases fibroblast density, and increases skin moisture. Awesome is an understatement, especially when it comes in a naughty tasting, but super healthy treat!


Food to Nourish Wow Bliss Balls or freshly made lushes muffins

Here we have plenty to choose from!! Either chose the no-effort-needed individually wrapped bliss balls, or go for the vanilla or chocolate muffin or cake baking mixes that can be whipped together in a matter of minutes, and have a plate ready for anyone knocking your door this Halloween.  They are all nutrient dense, organic and free from added flavours, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. The icing on the cake? Aside from being Paleo friendly, they are all gluten-, grain- and dairy-free and can be made to be all vegan too. Speaking of icing, the Food To Nourish Luscious Lemon Spread is A-MAZING as a healthy icing (doesn't even taste healthy!).   


Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cocoa

Ok so maybe hot cocoa isn't the easiest thing to pop into a plastic pumpkin... But it is a deliciously rich treat, perfect when the sweet tooth grabs a hold of you and it's time to crawl into up on the sofa and watch a horror movie. The best part is that you'd never have to feel guilty for indulging in this one, it turns out that hot cacao drinks are traditional ways to ingest “medicines”, such as the remedial mushrooms and herbs found in Four Sigmatic products. Who knew!? And you can add gluten-free, dairy-free, organic and vegan to the list of benefits. Choose from relaxing Reishi, designed to melt away stress and the perfect cuppa to sip on while the kids are out trick and treating, or go for the energising Cordyceps if you're joining in!


Nuzest Protein Shakes

Get your recipe right and protein smoothies can taste just like a Maccas thick shake! This is also a perfect alternative for kids, as Nuzest have even created a range specially designed for kids in which you can get all the vitamins from greens they need in there, and at the same time make them perfectly happy and satisfied! There are several flavours but how about Cocoa Honeycomb, mixed with a fresh banana and some unsweetened almond milk, your kids would never even guess who's actually trick and treating who ;)


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